The OTHER “Blackfish Effect”

Several people have asked what impact Blackfish has had on DASW, and I would have to say it has been very positive. This morning, the Amazon numbers were still running strong for Kindle and Paperback, especially for an 18-month-old title.

Below are some reader comments from Amazon and GoodReads that mention the movie. Most people view the movie and book as terrific companions to each other, which is great. A double-whammy against captivity.


If you watched Blackfish, this goes into far more detail.

This a good read and I’d thorough and informative. Great to read before or after the movie Blackfish

I read this after I watched the CNN special “Blackfish”. I highly recommend this book for anyone who would like more information on the captive Orcas at the Sea World parks.

This book along with the documentary Blackfish exposes the secrets and lies behind Sea World. They are both worth reading and watching.

This was a fascinating story. I read it before watching the documentary BlackFish. I am so glad I did because this gave way more information.

So many details about why orcas shouldn’t be in captivity! Many more layers of detail to add to “Blackfish”!

After watching the movie Blackfish recently, I was struck by the seemingly deep emotions experienced by the whales when they were captured. I needed to know more. Kirby presents more than enough information on the subject with plenty of research and footnotes.

A must read!! Great to compliment the feature film “Blackfish”!

I watched the movie Blackfish before reading this and I am actually glad that I did, as it was helpful for me to have some background information. Death at SeaWorld is a very emotional and disturbing read that goes into a lot of excellent detail. I could hardly put the book down, staying up many late nights, trying to finish.

I hope that the conversation started with this book and the documentary “Blackfish” will grow to overwhelming volume.

I read the book in 3 days. After reading this and watching the film Blackfish, I was so inspired, I even wrote my college research paper on the topic.

Death at SeaWorld is the basis of the movie “Blackfish.” It is as much about corporate power and greed as it is about captive orcas and SeaWorld’s treatment of them.

I loved this book! I read it over the weekend, it was a great preface to the movie Blackfish.


So after watching Blackfish on CNN I wanted to know more about SeaWorld. This book changed my mind.

After seeing the movie Blackfish, I decided it would be worthwhile to do more research.

After watching the movie Blackfish I wanted to learn more. This book gives all the facts and it is very compelling. It feels like a thriller book.

After watching the movie Blackfish recently, I was struck by the seemingly deep emotions experienced by the whales when they were captured, both by the pod members still at Sea and those taken away. I needed to know more.

With the impending CNN premier of the documentary Blackfish, I knew I wanted a “sneak peek” at the information. It led me to this book, which I ended up appreciating more than the documentary.

I wanted to read more about killer whales after watching the documentary Blackfish. This book is a great companion and offers a fascinating if somewhat bleak look into the business of Shamu.

Blackfish changed me; I picked this up when I heard about the doc. I preferred this to the film, and my view on orcas was totally turned around.

I went to see Blackfish last week, then this book caught my eye on a cart, and I had to take it home. I spent all day yesterday reading it. Apart from doing laundry, I couldn’t tear myself away from it.

I watched the documentary Blackfish around the same time I read this, so each sort of reinforced the other, making my overall intake of information more complete. I would recommend both together; it provides a fuller picture, to actually see some of the footage Kirby discusses.

I read this book and watched Blackfish and am now firmly in the anti-cap camp.

Hoping to see the documentary Blackfish soon. Needless to say, we will not be renewing our SW passes when they expire in a month.

As the European release of Blackfish approaches (hopefully) I decided to pick up this book at the local library and learn a little more of the SeaWorld controversy.

I read this book after seeing the preview for Blackfish, an upcoming documentary about Tillikum and orca captivity, and I was riveted.

I watched the movie Blackfish after reading this book and the book is a must-read for fans of the documentary (and if you’ve read the book, you should see the film!) I highly recommend checking out this book

About David Kirby

DAVID KIRBY is the author of 'Evidence of Harm,' which was a New York Times bestseller, winner of the 2005 Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) award for best book, and a finalist for the New York Public Library Helen Bernstein Award for Excellence in Journalism, and 'Animal Factory,' an acclaimed investigation into the environmental impact of factory farms which NPR compared to Upton Sinclair’s classic work 'The Jungle.' His latest book, 'Death at SeaWorld,' was previewed by Library Journal, which wrote: “Lives are at stake here, and Kirby can be trusted to tell the story, having won a passel of awards for his investigate work.” Booklist called the book “gripping” and “hard to put down.”
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14 Responses to The OTHER “Blackfish Effect”

  1. Anne Power says:

    This is a fantastic book, I could not put it down, there’s no speculation here its all fact, written by a talented writer who has went to an incredible length to research this subject. I am giving it to everyone I know. Read it and pass it on. I have just been educated!.

  2. Mrs. Monty says:

    This is a real eye opener but to really do another movie on this subject has got to be heartbreaking for the Brancheau family. I pray you become rich and successful on your endeavors .irony is Rich and Karma’s a

    • Jackie says:

      Actually, the Brancheau family did NOT like Blackfish. They said Dawn wouldn’t have worked somewhere that is bad for the whales.

      Anti-caps hate SeaWorld for “blaming Dawn” when they have taken her death and used it to destroy what she loved.

      • jess says:

        Oh please, Dawn and the rest of them knew and know how captured marine life is treated in order to perform. Sea world isn’t a rescue operation, it is a prison, why can’t you see this? Any wild animal trainer that dies, it is their fault. Wild Animals are just that, Wild. Keep them in the wild and protect them there. I think Dawn loved being with the animals and caring for them, when she went home at night did she have sleepless nights while her lovely orcas were trapped, contained and drugged?? Nope.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are a real ass hole. You little pice of SHIT!!

          • Australia says:

            Please watch your language. Know your facts before posting any reply. For example the internet shows pics of trainers doing many dangerous inter-actions with killer whales that a sane of mind person would never contemplate of doing , such as french kissing a killer whale.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sorry if i upset you , i now realize that you a passionate about something .Peace :)

  3. jess says:

    Rehabilitation pens first. Don’t forget there are captured Orcas in there. Do you really think they “forgot” what their natural environment is supposed to be? Nope.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yaba daba do. i agree with you. respect for all inteligent animals is a must and killer whales rule.

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