ANOTHER Dreadful Day at SeaWorld – Dolphin Leaps Out of Tank

This video, posted by PETA, has just appeared on YouTube. It appears to be the dolphin feeding pool at SeaWorld San Antonio, though confirmation from SeaWorld is still pending.

It was not immediately known overnight who took the video, or when.

At the end of the footage, what appears to be blood is seen on the pavement, a sign that the animal, a bottlenose, may have cut or scraped itself during the incident. What sounds like moans and squeals can be heard from the injured dolphin.

When I visited a pool just like this in Orlando, for research on my book Death at SeaWorld, I was shocked at how small it was, how crowded it was, and how easily it would be for one of the animals to leap out over the retaining wall.

Here, we see that it can and does happen.

While I was there, someone reported they had dropped a cell phone into the water. Trainers scanned the bottom, but could not find the phone. Eventually, a woman slowly walked over to a shed, rolling her eyes at the inconvenience, and put on a wetsuit to go diving to look for the phone. I don’t think they found it – those products are filled with toxic chemicals. I hate to think if a dolphin ingested it.

This video surfaces just a few days after SeaWorld visitor Carlo de Leonibus released his own video of a young pilot whale stranded on the concrete slide out area in Orlando. This video went viral and is now getting worldwide attention.

I do not have children, but this is not something I would want them to see on a family vacation.


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DAVID KIRBY is the author of 'Evidence of Harm,' which was a New York Times bestseller, winner of the 2005 Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) award for best book, and a finalist for the New York Public Library Helen Bernstein Award for Excellence in Journalism, and 'Animal Factory,' an acclaimed investigation into the environmental impact of factory farms which NPR compared to Upton Sinclair’s classic work 'The Jungle.' His latest book, 'Death at SeaWorld,' was previewed by Library Journal, which wrote: “Lives are at stake here, and Kirby can be trusted to tell the story, having won a passel of awards for his investigate work.” Booklist called the book “gripping” and “hard to put down.”
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