A Year Of Killer Whale News Since ‘Death at SeaWorld’ was Released

Last July, after releasing the Death at SeaWorld hardcover edition, I began blogging for the wonderful website www.takepart.com, which is a great online news sources for wildlife stories (and many other social-action oriented issues). I decided to put together all the stories I have written on killer whales – 26 six of them to date, about captivity and the wild – as a compendium, of sorts, of some of the top orca news stories over the past year.

I was not able to update the Death at SeaWorld paperback (July 2, 2013) for space reasons, but many if not all of these stories would have been included in it.

If you get a chance, please let TakePart know how much you appreciate their dedication to this issue.

Thanks so much, David Kirby.

Jun 16 2013 – BREAKING: SeaWorld Orca Dies in Spain

Jun 10 2013 – BREAKING: U.S. Government Hits SeaWorld With Safety Violation—Again

Jun 5 2013 – 6 Ways You Can Help Save Captive Killer Whales Right Now

May 30 2013 – What’s Eating ‘Keet,’ SeaWorld’s Captive Killer Whale?

May 19 2013 – Why Killer Whales Won’t Abandon Their Disabled Mates

May 17 2013 – It’s Killer Whale-Watching Season, but Where Are Their Bodyguards?

Apr 3 2013 – EXCLUSIVE: SeaWorld’s Fight to Keep Trainers Dangerously Close to Killer Whales

Mar 19 2013 – Killer Whale Whistleblowers Vow to Fight On, Despite Crushing Legal Fees

Mar 15 2013 – Forced Inbreeding and Bloody Battles—Killer Whales Live in Horror at Spanish Theme Park

Mar 11 2013 – Is There Hope for Lolita, the World’s Loneliest Killer Whale?

Mar 7 2013 – Why Is SeaWorld Allowing Its Killer Whales to Live in Crumbling Pools?

Jan 10 2013  – Against All Odds: Find Out How 12 Trapped Killer Whales Were Freed

Jan 9 2013 – URGENT: Pod of 12 Killer Whales Trapped in Quebec Ice

Dec 31 2012 – Abusement Parks Exposed: 8 Things You Should Read & See About Captive Orcas

Dec 17 2012 – Canada’s Marineland Sues Former Trainer for Publicizing Orca Neglect

Dec 12 2012 – 7 Things About Wild Killer Whales You’ll Never Learn at SeaWorld

Dec 3 2012 – Killer Whale Custody Battle: Who Really Owns Morgan the Orca?

Nov 26 2012 – The Real SeaWorld: Seeing Wild Orcas Is Better…and Cheaper

Nov 20 2012 – EXCLUSIVE: Eyewitness Interviews Released In SeaWorld Trainer’s Death

Nov 13 2012 – SeaWorld’s Sister Company Fights Whale and Dolphin Captivity

Nov 9 2012 – Canada’s Marineland Threatens Ex-Trainer With Defamation Suit

Oct 31 2012 – 7 Reasons Killer Whales Should Never Be Held in Captivity

Sep 28 2012 – What Happened to Nakai? SeaWorld Orca Missing Huge Chunk of Chin

Sep 21 2012 – Op-Ed: SeaWorld Appeals Ruling in Trainer’s Death

Sep 17 2012 – Op-Ed: SeaWorld’s Convoluted Logic on Taiji’s Dolphin Slaughter

Aug 14 2012 – The World’s Loneliest Whale: Send Shouka Back to France


Scientific review of two orcas who died from mosquito borne illnesses by Dr. Jeff Ventre and Dr. John Jett

Articles by investigative journalist Tim Zimmermann

Blackfish Official Website

More killer whale groups and websites can be found here:

Whale and Dolphin Conservation www.whales.org
Animal Welfare Institute www.awionline.org
Humane Society of the US www.hsus.org
Fins and Fluke http://finsandfluke.wordpress.com
The Orca Network http://www.orcanetwork.org
The Orca Project http://theorcaproject.wordpress.com
Voice of the Orcas http://voiceoftheorcas.blogspot.com
Without Me There is No You
Animal Legal Defense Fund www.aldf.org
Nonhuman Rights Project http://www.nonhumanrightsproject.org/
Humane Society International www.his.org
Free Lolita Campaign – The Orca Network http://www.orcanetwork.org/retirement.html
Free Corky Campaign  http://orcalab.org/free-corky-campaign/
Free Morgan Foundation http://www.freemorgan.org/
Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy http://www.kimmela.org/kimmela-center-in- action/#Nhrp

- See more at: http://deathatseaworld.com/?p=660#sthash.wHuKAVZ5.dpuf

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DAVID KIRBY is the author of 'Evidence of Harm,' which was a New York Times bestseller, winner of the 2005 Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) award for best book, and a finalist for the New York Public Library Helen Bernstein Award for Excellence in Journalism, and 'Animal Factory,' an acclaimed investigation into the environmental impact of factory farms which NPR compared to Upton Sinclair’s classic work 'The Jungle.' His latest book, 'Death at SeaWorld,' was previewed by Library Journal, which wrote: “Lives are at stake here, and Kirby can be trusted to tell the story, having won a passel of awards for his investigate work.” Booklist called the book “gripping” and “hard to put down.”
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